Do dirty gutters attract bugs?

Most homeowners are aware of the water-related problems caused by clogged gutters, but don't realize that moisture in clogged gutters attracts many pests, including mosquitoes, ants, termites, and more, to their home. Both American and German cockroaches need moisture to thrive. If the gutters are clogged, causing moisture to accumulate in the attic or along the foundation of the house, these annoying insects can enter directly. On the one hand, dirty gutters provide a shelter that allows ants to stay in your home for years, no matter how many times you kill them indoors.

Second, gutters almost always provide ants with easy entry into your home. Do you realize that after a severe storm, there is sometimes an increase in the number of bugs around your house? They may be there because of the buildup of the gutters. If you have dirty or clogged gutters, you're inviting insects and other pests to call your gutters their new home. A number of pests are likely to be attracted to dirty gutters if you let debris remain.

When gutters contain leaves, twigs and moisture, they are the perfect breeding ground for all types of insects and plants. And birds need all of those things to survive. That means your filthy gutters could soon be home to a sparrow, a starling, or even an irritating Myna Indian bird nest. In addition to the sound that birds make, you also have mites.

You can also install gutter guards that can prevent these creatures from re-entering your gutters. Keeping gutters clean and flowing freely should be at the top of the list of preventive tips for controlling these household pests. Some homeowners focus on cleaning food storage areas and repairing plumbing pipes for years before realizing that their clogged gutters are to blame for the cockroach problem. Other problems caused by clogged gutters include rotting fascia boards that support the gutter system.

Then, once you're done cleaning them, grab a hose and run water through the gutters to identify places where it may be accumulating. In addition to lawn clutter and standing water sources, gutters are the biggest problem when it comes to mosquitoes; mainly, because gutters often offer both clutter and standing water, all in one handy little place to hide. Clean gutters help you avoid problems such as unwanted insect pests, damaged walls, mold, and foundation problems. You probably won't see mosquitoes buzzing around your gutters this fall and winter, but when spring comes, they'll adopt your clogged gutters as a breeding ground.

Cleaning gutters is important for protecting your home's roof and foundation, but it's also an important pest prevention tactic. When gutters are clogged, water tends to overflow along the edge of the gutter and the pool near the foundation.

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