How do you prepare gutters for winter?

Prepare your gutters for winterClean leaves and debris from gutters. Inspect the gutters for wear. Preparing gutters for winter is a precarious job and requires a sturdy ladder. Be sure not to rest the ladder against the gutter, as it could dent and damage the gutter.

You can use a small plastic shovel or spoon to remove debris and leaves. Then, you'll want to use a hose and rinse the gutters. This will also act as a test to ensure that the gutters move water the way they are supposed to. Winter brings not only cold weather, but also heavy rain, ice and snow.

All of these factors are the essence of installing rain gutters. Rainwater, melted ice and snow have to flow from the roof to the gutters. The gutters then move the water away from the building. Faulty gutters cause water damage not only to the roof but also to the entire house.

So, while you're enjoying the warm summer, it's a good idea to prepare your gutters for the next wet autumn and winter seasons. Clean leaves and debris from gutters; use a hose to flush gutters and send water through downspouts. You may need to use a chimney or pipe cleaning brush to further clean the downspouts. Rake and remove any debris you've removed from the pipes or gutters.

Good to Go Gutters is happy to inspect and clean your gutters (free of charge) and replace broken or dented parts if necessary. As you prepare your gutters for winter, it's a good time to make sure your gutters are in good condition. Good quality gutter protection will reduce the time and effort you spend unclogging the gutters yourself. Once you are sure that your gutters are not blocked with leaves and debris, you can move on to cleaning the gutters.

With the potential for large amounts of snow and rain, you need to make sure your gutters are ready for winter weather to avoid thousands of dollars in gutter damage and potential water damage to your home. When you finish cleaning the leaves and other debris, you should check if the gutters are damaged anywhere and if you need to repair them. You can use any all-purpose cleaner for this job, or you can make your own homemade gutter cleaning solution. As a preventive measure, the installation of gutter guards or leaf screens will minimize regular gutter maintenance.

The main thing when preparing gutters for winter is to remove any debris buildup and reduce the potential weight of gutters during a snowstorm.

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