Is it a tenant's responsibility to clean gutters nsw?

The tenant's sole responsibility for gutter cleaning is to notify the property manager or landlord of any obstruction or suspected damage to the gutters. A strong argument that falls on the homeowner's shoulders is that the landlord repairs the roof and ensures that the exterior of the home is in good condition. Likewise, the homeowner must also keep the gutters clean, since the gutters are part of the roofing system. Many landlords don't want the responsibility of sending a tenant up a ladder to take care of the dangerous task of cleaning gutters.

And to confirm the above, the RTA (the Residential Leasing Authority) clearly stipulates who is actually responsible for cleaning gutters in a rental property, as well as some exceptions to the rule. If you are a homeowner and your investment property's gutters are not properly cleaned, plant material and other debris build up to the point where the gutters and downspouts become clogged. Tenants are expected to keep the property they rent in good condition, but cleaning gutters is considered a safety hazard, so it's up to the landlord to organize and pay. However, if gutter maintenance isn't detailed in the lease, you may not think it's your job to clean them.

If you notice your gutters starting to leak or overflow, it's a sign that they need cleaning (or professional inspection). Keep calm and allow them to arrange a professional gutter inspection and cleaning service, during which the cause of the problem can be easily determined. If you own an investment property and want to extend the life of your investment while mitigating the risks associated with poor maintenance practices, you should organize a professional gutter as soon as possible. I have no qualms about paying someone to clean the gutters and clean the debris out of them, as this maintenance protects my property.

But what happens if they aren't clean and damage occurs? Who is responsible for the sewers? We are going to raise both sides of the discussion in today's blog. Cleaning gutters properly is a simple preventive measure that could save you a world of legal, financial and personal risks. How often gutters and downspouts are cleaned depends on the location of the property and its surroundings. Whether you are a first-time or long-time renter, or a landlord with one or more investment properties, the question of “who is responsible for cleaning the gutters of a rental home” inevitably arises and many are still unsure of the answer despite asking the property manager this question.

By knowing the laws surrounding repairs and maintenance, tenants and landlords can determine who is responsible for cleaning the gutters of a rental property.

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