Should gutters go under drip edge?

It is recommended to place the gutters below or “behind” the drip edge of the roof. A drip edge refers to a component that hangs above the ceiling and has a lower edge that projects outwardly. What you want to do is take out the drip edges after installing the gutters. They should not lie flat against the fascia as in the photo.

Yes, you have a good installation right now, but when the gutters are put in place, you need to pull them out a bit. This is especially true in colder climates that have drips and ice. With your flat drip edge, you'll surely have ice dams behind the gutter; yes, I know the very thin ones, but still. The gutter should be installed as close to the shingles as possible.

The gutter should be installed as close to the shingles as possible; no more than 2 or 3 inches. If the gutter distance is more than 3 inches, rain will fall down the roof and will not drain properly. The space between the gutter and the roof can vary in size because the gutters must be tilted towards the downspout to ensure proper water runoff. The gutter should be a few centimeters below the edge of the roof.

If you place a paper towel over a drop of water, the water will be absorbed by the fibers (a phenomenon called capillary action). Your roof does the same. The water will drip down the very edge of your roof, but it will also retreat upwards at the bottom and will also drip a few inches below the edge of the roof. A permanent solution you should consider is to install the drip edge.

The drip edge is installed under the first row of shingles and promotes water to flow freely from the edge of the roof to the gutter. Without it, water can fall behind your gutter, down the fascia board and lining, which can cause potential damage. All gutters are attached to your home using a mounting system or different types of hangers (indoor, outdoor, or strap), and the hangers must be carefully spaced (3 feet or less) to give the gutter adequate support. Its purpose is to cover the space between the tiles and the gutter so that no water can pass behind the gutter.

He says he is aware that others put the gutter behind the drip edge, but he has discovered that in the winter, ice can accumulate between the drip edge and the gutter and then back under the drip edge on the roof. Since it's so vital to the gutter system, it's no surprise that gutter companies also install, repair and repair them.

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